Lovely haze

Some bands are from L.A. Some simply are L.A. Sunset Harbinger is the latter.

Sunset Harbinger
Finally Home EP
From its bedroom-eyes first track ("I Need Another") to the relatively rousing finale of the title track, Sunset Harbinger casts a sharp-eyed gaze on the loucheness that is Los Angeles. Trippy slow jams, some well-placed R&B horns (ersatz or not) and just enough edge in the electronic rhythm section.

While it's not hard to be entranced by the surface, Sunset Harbinger populates its songs with plenty of lyrical and musical subtext. Each piece has more than one thought pattern, and if you think you've got this on the first take, give another listen. More ideas will ooze into your ears.

In other words, this set works on many levels. The sound is lush and gorgeous, but the undertow is what will really drag you in. Sunset Harbinger may just be starting out, but the future sounds limitless.

Jon Worley

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