Jake Meadows has been bouncing around the Australian music scenes for some time. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, he's had time to make a few friends. Like Silverchair's Daniel Johns, who provides vocals on this EP.

Jake Meadows
Good Company EP
The sound trends toward 70s chill-down disco by way of EDM, though Meadows throws in a few surprises here and there. I suppose you could get on the floor with a couple of these, but he overall feel is more ruminative.

The sound on these songs is exquisite. Meadows certainly does have a fine way of assembling his work. He often stashes the heavy electronics in the background, producing a more ethereal, organic sound. But that backlot burbling is always worth an ear.

More going on than might otherwise be expected. Most musicians want their debut to make a bold statement. Meadows is satisfied to worm his way in through the cracks in the door. In the end, I think his approach may be more effective. Quietly absorbing.

Jon Worley

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