The chill's the thing

Somewhere between laptop and electronic pop, the wires crossed. We Are Temporary uses a traditional lo-fi indie pop song structure, but the arrangements throw in all sorts of electronic goodies and a sweeping dark wave wash for good measure. Oh, and a decidedly sketchy (or simply human, depending on your perspective) set of vocals.

We Are Temporary
Crossing Over
(Stars and Letters)
In other words, no matter how much the music might try to convince you that these songs were recorded by robots, they weren't. The imperfections that pop up are entrancing; they draw the listener deeper into this world.

What I really like is that this isn't any particular style. The goth/dark wave elements, the laptop elements, the traditional electronic elements and the indie pop elements all combine into a mysterious swirling cloud. Each song leads the listener deeper into the abyss. And the sense of adventure always outweighs any trepidation.

There's a hypnotic underlying throb that ensnares with a silk noose. By the time it tightens, there is no resistance. Don't worry; you won't mind succumbing one bit.

This might well be music for the end of the world. Fine by me. I'm ready. Bring it on.

Jon Worley

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