Psychedelia, Sverige style

These guys are Swedish, and they sound like a punkier 13th Floor Elevators. But hey, Texas-infused psychedelia is the rage all over the world, right?

Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus
Who knows? Baby Jesus blisters its way through acid-washed ripper after acid-washed ripper without taking a breath. If my first description didn't do it for you, imagine the Ramones (1976 version) playing the Doors, complete with manic organ. Or maybe just imagine if Morrison's thing was uppers instead of downers.

There are all sorts of layers in these songs, and each one is coated with a heavy dose of distortion. Even the levels on the vocals are pinned. This is some seriously glorious noise that brooks no reflection. Straight ahead, boys.

So who knows if this will wear well. Baby Jesus is one of the livest wires I've heard in ages, and I would guess that the shows are crazier still. Baby Jesus simply does not slow down, and there's not much in the way of lower dynamics, either. So give in, turn it up to eleven and get your motor running. What else are you doing this time of year?

Jon Worley

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