A&A 2015

New music:
1/2/15: Two Harbors, The Natural Order of Things

1/5/15: Pete Molinari, Theosophy

1/8/15: The Landing, We Are EP

1/11/15: The By Gods, I Don't Care Who Believes Me...

1/14/15: Kye Alfred Hillig, Real Snow, The Buddhist

1/17/15: Unicycle Loves You, The Dead Age

1/20/15: Sam Densmore & Curtis Irie, Quit Work Make Music EP

1/23/15: Vincent Vocoder Voice, Vincent Vocoder Voice

1/26/15: Kool Stuff Katie, Kool Stuff Katie

1/29/15: The Asteroid No. 4, The Asteroid No. 4

2/2/15: In the Valley Below, The Belt

2/5/15: Vlatko, Subjective Experience in a Commercial Free Zone

2/8/15: Elijah Ocean, Bring It All In

2/11/15: Johnny Taylor, Tangled Up in Plaid

2/15/15: Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes, Black Coffee

2/18/15: The Foreign Resort, New Frontiers

2/21/15: As We Draw, Mirages

2/28/15: Wormburner, Pleasant Living in Planned Communities

3/3/15: New American Farmers, The Farmacology Sessions

3/6/15: Happy Diving, Big World

3/9/15: Suzanne Jarvie, Spiral Road

3/12/15: Low Fat Getting High, Low Fat Getting High

3/15/15: Hollands, Restless Youth

3/18/15: CIKATRI$, Aie! -- Le Trois EP

3/21/15: Last Charge of the Light Horse, Nine Kinds of Happy

3/24/15: Busses, Wizard of the Eye

3/27/15: Caitlin Canty, Reckless Skyline

3/30/15: Ice Hockey, Wavefunction Collapse

4/3/15: Wrinkle Neck Mules, I Never Thought It Would Go This Far

4/6/15: Death Engine, Mud

4/9/15: Knifight, V

4/13/15: Michael Vlatkovich Septet, ask 7

4/16/15: Seahorse, The Fire's Heart

Doghouse Swine, Fearless EP
Dronen, 284 Days EP

4/28/15: Daniel G. Harmann, White Mountains

5/4/15: Fort Knox Five, Pressurize the Cabin

5/7/15: Crazy Eyes, Ring Ring Jingalong and Dark Heart Singalong

5/11/15: Olin and the Moon, Everyone You Know

5/14/15: Vehicles, This Bluebird Wants Me Dead

5/18/15: The Sideshow Tragedy, Capital

5/21/15: Andre Obin, Endorphin

5/28/15: Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, The Absolute Elsewhere

6/4/15: Beth Bombara, Beth Bombara

6/11/15: The Slow Readers Club, Cavalcade

6/15/15: Family Bike, Everything You Own Is Anagrammed

6/22/15: Meet Me in Orbit, Traveller EP

6/25/15: Chelsea, Saturday Night Sunday Morning

6/29/15: Sweet John Bloom, Weird Prayer

7/6/15: German Army, In Transit, Taushiro

7/9/15: Big Lazy, Don't Cross Myrtle

7/13/15: Round Eye, Round Eye

7/16/15: Insect Ark, Portal/Well

7/20/15: Emily King, The Switch

7/27/15: Iglomat, III

7/31/15: Jane Weaver, The Silver Globe/The Amber Light

8/10/15: Tyranny Is Tyranny, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

8/17/15: Broke Royals, The Luxury of Time Part II EP

8/20/15: Motherfucker, Confetti

8/24/15: Mike Coykendall, Half Past, Present Pending

8/27/15: Love Love, Love Love

8/31/15: Cape Snow, Cape Snow

9/7/15: Buddy Guy, Born to Play Guitar

9/10/15: The Jackals, People

9/14/15: Bert Lams and Fabio Mittino, Long Ago

9/21/15: My Dead Air, The Thief Who Knows My Name

9/24/15: Caustic Casanova, Breaks

9/28/15: Jesse R. Berlin, Glitter Lung

10/1/15: Angeline, Back to Pike Place EP

10/5/15: Mr. Divisadero, Mr. Divisadero

10/12/15: Daphne Lee Martin, Fall On Your Sword

10/15/15: Rah Rah, Vessels

10/22/15: Quiet Hollers, Quiet Hollers

10/26/15: Guides, Abstract Mind EP

10/29/15: Wonky Tonk, Stuff We Leave Behind

11/2/15: Before the Flood, Hole in the Sky

11/5/15: Mary Mack, Pig Woman

11/12/15: Northern Uproar, Hey Samurai!

11/16/15: A Fragile Tomorrow, Make Me Over

11/23/15: Jack the Radio, Badlands

11/30/15: Jeffrey Foucault, Salt As Wolves

12/3/15: The Foreign Resort, The American Dream EP

12/7/15: Logan Hone's Similar Fashion, Logan Hone's Similar Fashion

12/10/15: The Saddest Landscape, Darkness Forgives

12/14/15: Grupo Fantasma, Problemas

12/17/15: Red Sammy, Creeps & Cheaters

12/21/15: Andrew Jamieson, Heard the Voice

12/29/15: Temporary Hero, Chet

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