That kind of pop

I've been listening to the Posies a lot lately (very nice for me, of course), and this dropped in like an alternate universe version of Frosting on the Beater.

A Fragile Tomorrow
Make Me Over
A Fragile Tomorrow relies a bit less on harmonic dissonance and a bit more on solid hooks, but the similarities are hard to ignore. The tight-harmony vocals, the aggressive use of minor chords and the unabashed Radio City allegiance are all there.

A Fragile Tomorrow has been around for more than a decade and has been collecting accolades for most of that time. I know the band's earlier efforts only in passing, but this album feels like it has a bit more heft. It certainly can be played as loud as possible without losing its intrinsic pop roots, and there's that pool of depth that ensures future bliss.

That said, this is very much power pop of a certain key. Those who like the Posies (or Big Star, or Matthew Sweet's good material, or. . .) will smile knowingly. These songs are their own creatures even as they exist within this well-tread skin. Just don't expect a revolution.

Good music, though, is here by the handful. Wallow in the harmonies and then kick out with the bashy rhythms. I dunno. Maybe some things never go out of style. Or maybe good bands can keep anything in style.

Doesn't matter. This is great.

Jon Worley

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