Young (Danish) Americans

These Danes have stripped down their sound for this short five-track set, leaving just the classic Smiths-Cure-MBV bones and very little else.

The Foreign Resort
The American Dream EP
(Moon Sounds)
The hooks are more atonal than typical new wave sounds, and the distortion is less a bank of fog than massive waves that break on the cliffs. Which is a backhanded way of saying that while these boys wear their influences on their collective sleeve, they own this sound.

I loved New Frontiers, and this set simply amps up the romance. The attention to detail on these songs is stunning. Every piece has been meticulously put into place, and yet the kinetic nature of these songs is what makes them so hypnotic.

It's becoming increasingly clear that the Foreign Resort is one of the great bands of the near future--if the future hasn't arrived already. This trio has yet to make a misstep, and this EP simply refines what was already amazing. I dare you not to fall in love.

Jon Worley

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