Intensely diffuse

Here we go again. Andre Obin trafficks in that increasingly-familiar Tangerine Dream-meets-Cure-meets-Animal Collective sound that is practically exploding just under the radar. Or maybe not so underground, given the title of Taylor Swift's most recent album.

Andre Obin
(Sky Council Recordings)

Obin takes an ambient tack to the finish of his songs, which leaves them chillier and more ethereal than most of the folks plying these fields. More interesting to me, he does that without sacrificing melody. Indeed, his embrace of the ambient actually amplifies the hookiness of some of these songs.

While I find this stuff enthralling, it's still a challenge for the average listener. The rhythms and musical lines are often beautifully tangled, Obin doesn't feel the need to provide a primer for the uninitiated. Absolutely the right choices, by the way.

The steely edge to these songs is what really grabs me. There's definite gothic industrial dance vibe chilling with Obin's new wave and ambient tendencies, and that keeps the album moving along nicely. Even when he's chilling out, Obin keeps the beats moving. Always the right move.

An album that draws in the listener more as the songs roll by, Endorphin is the perfect set for finding a cool place on a summer's eve. Turn over your frontal lobes to Obin, and you'll be just fine.

Jon Worley

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