Crafted chaos

There's something about untrammelled aggression. Vincent Vocoder Voice isn't content to pin the needles on the musical side. The lyrics are similarly caustic.

Vincent Vocoder Voice
Vincent Vocoder Voice
(Father Figure)

It's quite arresting to hear such attractive songs plowed into the electronic dirt over and over again. These might have once been tunes that would invite singing along, but they're simply butchered with layer after layer of instrumentation, vocals and nails on chalkboard.

Each of the pieces here was once something bright and alive, and bits of that can be heard. But once everything has been smashed together, the result is something of a sonic trainwreck.

A really compelling one, too. I'm not sure if this would be hurt or improved by the merest slimming down. After listening a dozen times or so, I think excess is the key to the emotional impact of this album. The arrangements are masterful. What sounds messy is actually exceptionally crafted. And removing anything might well lessen the assault that is so necessary for this album to work.

In other words, this is no album for triflers. This is an angry, aggressive, skin-stripping piece of work. It will disturb your soul. If it doesn't, you might want to check into therapy.

Jon Worley

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