Wired up

Those who fondly remember Zeke will certainly smile when they hear Low Fat Getting High. This Brooklyn trio bashes out twelve zippy sludge-punk-pop songs ("tunes" would imply more melody than actually exists here) in less than half an hour.

Low Fat Getting High
Low Fat Getting High
(Money Fire)

While the melodic range is limited, the rhythmic diversity and blistering energy is off the charts. LFGH doesn't churn so much as puree. And each piece ends quickly and breathlessly. The one complaint I can muster is that there's no real letup to the attack, which leaves the listener utterly drained.

But that's like the answer you've prepared for the inevitable "Tell us about your weaknesses" job interview question. Relentless energy and mind-bending riffage is a very good thing. LFGH finds the groove, burns it in and then shifts into the next song before scarring sets in.

Now, I can't promise that your ears (much less your brain) will survive a steady diet of this album. But I'll be damned if I won't give it a shot. This sucker is better than two cups of coffee with a No-Doz chaser. If it doesn't get your blood boiling, you've already succumbed to the zombie apocalypse. The rest of us will bite into the wire and ride the high into next week.

Jon Worley

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