Together far away

The origin story is almost as charming as the luminous result: Bree Scanlon sang songs into her iPhone, and Dylan Metrano and Guy Capecelatro III of Tiger Saw wrote music to fit. A few more folks were called in to fill out the sound, Scanlon recorded her vocals in a more traditional way and here's the result.

Cape Snow
Cape Snow
(Burst & Bloom)
Sounds a lot like the vague lounge country-rock of the 70s--filtered through a millennial indie rock crucible. Mostly lounge, actually, with more than a bit of Bacharachian arrangement going on. Imagine a more diffuse Aimee Mann, I suppose. Scanlon's vocals are fuller and lusher than the music that accompanies them, and that suits these songs just fine. In the end, this album is all about her voice, and it carries the day.

Which is a compliment--not a complaint--about the music and production. The whole is served by Metrano and Capecelatro's restraint. When you have something this beautiful, you don't need to put on makeup by the trowel.

There's no way of telling if this collaboration will bear any more fruit. But if this is a solitary effort, it stands alone quite nicely. With any luck, the new old gang will get together again and thrill us even more.

Jon Worley

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