Pushin forward back

The 80s resurgence continues. But the Slow Readers Club has an even closer connection than most, given its Manchester home. The vibe is much more Cure than Madchester (more Joy Division than New Order, for that matter), but the roots show nicely.

The Slow Readers Club

These jaunty songs often have a haunting core. As lovely and enchanting as the music might be, the subject matter delves deeper. That just makes for a more rewarding listen, of course. The insistent beats may be up, but the sentiments are often down.

The craft is what really makes these songs work. The arrangements are tight, and the production is precise without being overbearing. There's a sense of melancholy as each song ends. Sadness for the end of such a wonderful piece, but also for what the song expressed.

Who said pop music couldn't produce a legit emotional response? Even with a sound that tends toward the chilly, the Slow Readers Club envelops the listener. There's no escaping these songs once they hit your ears.

Yes, I was an 80s teen (entirely) , and so there's a bit of the nostalgia going into my response. On the other hand, my teenager gives a surly nod of approval as well. So maybe my heart and my head aren't simply under the influence. And if they are, well, I think I can live with that.

Jon Worley

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