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Just another eclectic Canadian pop band.

If only.

Rah Rah
(Hidden Pony)
Rah Rah sticks more to the three-chords-and-a-dream ideal much more tightly than many of its north-of-the-border brethren, and it's also a lot more willing to get its hands dirty. One of my favorite things about this band is the way its songs have a slightly unfinished feel.

That and the energy. Uptempo and then some, these songs manage to be perceptive, introspective and insightful despite a near-manic need to keep the beat moving. I've been a fan for a while (as if you can't tell), and I'm constantly amazed at how invigorated I feel after a Rah Rah session.

I do hear some progression. These songs are somewhat more polished than previous efforts, and the arranging is a bit tighter. I don't want these folks to go too far in that direction, as the band's offhanded feel is something I adore, but the editing done here doesn't seem to have dulled the excitement.

So, yes, another Rah Rah album. Another great Rah Rah album. Cheers. Delight. Delirium. Ecstasy. Etc.

Just play it loud. That should do the trick.

Jon Worley

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