Easy to fall

I kept trying to place these guys. There's a definite raucous-mode Ryan Adams feel to the writing, but the arrangements are a bit more upper-midwest. With some ace California lead dropped in at the proper moments.

Olin and the Moon
Everyone You Know

So, yeah, this is an L.A. band by way of Idaho and Montana. I can hear it. The songs are delivered with great confidence, contributing to the West Coast finish. These songs rise and soar in waves, and that buoyant tendency is what ultimately makes this album successful.

'Cause, y'know, there are a thousand or more singer-songwriter/americana/whatever acts out there, and most of them have assembled a competent amalgam of Gram/Toop/etc. But there's a difference between hoping you've got something and knowing it's there. The sound is the final truth, and these boys have it.

Olin and the Moon even heads a bit further into the hills by channeling some Heartbreakers. There aren't any keyboards to speak of, but the Byrdsian rhythm guitars and tight harmonies are informative.

I'm working so hard to explain why this album simply cannot leave my head. It's so easy to love--but that love is hard for me to quantify. Life goes on. And it goes on better with Olin and the Moon. Folks, back porch season is upon us, and these are the songs we need.

Jon Worley

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