A&A 2018

New music:
1/1/18: Hoofmark, Stoic Winds

1/4/18: Diego Bernal, \ə-'sās\

1/8/18: Soltero, Western Medicine Blues

1/11/18: Oracle, Into the Unknown

1/15/18: Burgess Meredith, A Dimension of Sound

1/18/18: The Wet Secrets, The Tyranny of Objects

1/22/18: Rotoscope, Clean Lines EP

1/25/18: Trigger, Cryogenesis

1/29/18: Hobbyist, Sonic Cramps

2/1/18: Sean Morales, Call It In

2/5/18: Wolf Counsel, Age of Madness/Reign of Chaos

2/8/18: Idiot Grins featuring the Byrd Sisters, State of Health

2/12/18: Helen Kelter Skelter, Melter

2/15/18: Lisa Hilton, Escapism

2/19/18: Motorcade, Motorcade

2/22/18: Somali Yacht Club, The Sea

2/26/18: Escaping Amenti, Awakening

3/1/18: Candace, New Ruins

3/5/18: Ronan Furlong, Red Sun Rising

3/8/18: Bummerville, Bottom Feeder

3/12/18: Trees Speak, Trees Speak

3/15/18: Mildlife, Phase

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