Daniel Martin Diaz is the man behind Trees Speak, but he's got a lot of friends. He packed them into the studio to make this set. As for a description, the only easy reference for me are 90s post-rock instrumental outfits like Trans Am and Don Caballero. Trees Speak dabbles a bit more in the electronic side of things, but the propulsive and improvisational nature of these pieces is the connection I hear.

Trees Speak
Trees Speak 2xLP
(Cinedelic Records)

If you happen to get the double vinyl, the two platters are quite distinct. The first one is full chock-a-block ravers (within the limits of experimental electronic-tinged psychedelia, of course). The second is two parts of the same jam. Same universe, very different feel.

The band's own website refers to Trees Speak as more of a laboratory than a band, and that sounds right to me. This album traverses an astonishing range of ideas and sounds, though again, that range makes much more sense when you're actually flipping vinyl.

This is one of those albums you can start nodding along with and then realize that you've just spent an hour nodding along happily. Old school space rock fans ought to be pleased with the "Shadow Circuit" cycle on LP #2, and those with a taste for edgy indie rock will lap up the goodies on LP #1.

It's not often that "something for everyone" comes across as praise, but it should here. I'm not sure that Trees Speak actually inhabits our universe, but I'm so happy to have this transmission. Stellar.

Jon Worley

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