The future is yesterday

If there's anyone pushing the R&B envelope any harder than Agency, I haven't heard them. Each release from this duo brings fresh musical innovations to go along with the ever-present consciousness-raising lyrics.


Don't let that last bit bring a single moment of worry. Agency's music is even more forward-thinking than its words. This album is much more electronic and hip-hop oriented than previous efforts, but the new toys are used in spectacularly imaginative ways. The shift from 70s-era R&B to electronic beats and artistic use of Autotune should be jarring. Agency's creativity makes it breathtaking.

If you are somehow unconvinced, go find "Warn Me Next Time." If that doesn't win you over, then I'm stumped. Really, just drop the needle on any song. There isn't a clunker anywhere.

A thrill ride of epic proportions, perhaps this is the album that finally brings Agency to the mainstream. I'd miss having this music to myself (relatively), but truly, the world ought to know. These folks are here to play. Do not miss.

Jon Worley

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