Reaching back

Four guys from Dallas who have played in a wide variety of bands (Apples in Stereo, The War on Drugs and with St. Vincent and Daniel Johnston, just for starters) who are now doing their own thing. A kind of modern new wave with just enough rough garage edges to keep things up-to-date.

(Idol Records)

Still, anyone who hears this and doesn't flash to Echo and the Bunnymen or OMD is probably too young to understand what I'm writing about. That's cool. Let's just say these songs have understated hooks, dreamy keyboard washes and insistent beats that pretty much demand dancing. Y'know, like they danced in The Breakfast Club.

Which still counts. I think.

This is an exercise in retrograde rock, but it's so fun and so well done that I have no complaints at all. Yes, it appeals to those of use who might be seeing more gray hair than we might prefer, but dammit, we deserve to be catered to. Or something.

Before I descend into full-blown silliness, I'll cop to an affinity to the Brit-pop of the early 80s. As would the members of Motorcade, obviously. And while these boys replicate that feel with ease, I think there's more going on. The sound is simply the vessel for the songs, which are sly and well-crafted. I would like to hear Motorcade find its own sonic niche, but that will come later. For now, we have this pretty set. Which is gift enough, I think.

Jon Worley

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