Feel the quake

The second release from this psychedelic garage band from Norman, Okla. Wait, doesn't that ring a bell?

Helen Kelter Skelter

Not really. The Lips are south OKC all the way (which is light years--or 20 miles or so--from Norman), and that's a whole different trip. HKC is much more about adding some spacey touches to "modern" garage sounds. In other words, you can dance to this.

This album is much more coherent (and psychedelic) than the band's debut of a couple years back. In every way, this is a step forward. The writing is stronger, the band seems to have a better handle on what it wants to do and the execution is much more assured.

These boys are still working out their potential. Some of the songs have an unfinished feel (which isn't all bad, especially for psychedelic stuff), and my ears are prepared to make further leaps than HKC manages to take. Another day, another step forward.

On its own merits, however, this is a solid set. There's more than a kernel of something exciting going on, and with the requisite work the growth might be special. Keeps your ears on these boys.

Jon Worley

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