Up high, down low

That would be the band Burgess Meredith, not the late character actor. The band particularly wants to focus on his work as narrator for "The Twilight Zone," and the album title is a lift from his famous intro to each episode. The band sets its music a bit later, maybe early 70s. There's a Zombies-meets-ELO feel to the ringing hooks and extensive use of a variety of keyboards (piano, electric piano, organ, synthesizer, etc.).

Burgess Meredith
A Dimension of Sound

Actually, describing this as a prissy ELO isn't too far off. Burgess Meredith traffics in the chamber pop of later Beatles, but it adds that louche 70s sheen. There are also more than a few travels down space country byways. This isn't americana, not by a long shot, but at times you can see that sound from here.

Okay, enough tortured metaphors. I listened to this album many more times than usual before deciding to write about it. I liked it immediately; I just wasn't sure how it the jangly bombast would hold up. Much better than I expected, obviously.

I'd be curious to hear what these folks do next. This is a wonderfully well-executed sound laid over some fine pop-rock licks. But evolution is inevitable, and I can't wait to hear where this heads next.

Jon Worley

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