Takes me back

Well, goddamn if this isn't some spectacular guitar-driven, melodic heavy metal. And while there are a few thrash elements thrown in, this is straight out of the Iron Maiden playbook. Seventh Son era, but with better production and no keyboards.

(Hellfire Records)

The occasional black metal guitar/drums runs remind me that this is still 2017, but this takes me right back to the late 80s, when you could hum along while you bashed your head into a wall. It's been years (decades?) since I've heard a band embrace this sound so fully and successfully.

There is a place for this stuff in the realm of commercial music. I know a few kids who are more than willing to dive deeper into heavy stuff as long as there's a hook somewhere. I don't know how the Australian scene is doing these days (these boys hail from Melbourne), but here in America there's a huge gulf between commercial poppy hard rock and extreme metal. Trigger expertly shoots the gap.

Each song simply draws me in further. These songs are well-crafted and expertly performed. The production is sharp, but with enough rounded edges to allow the melodic elements to bring brightness. I don't think I could have programmed this better. Lucky for all of us, Trigger puts all of its flesh, blood and soul into great music. Thoroughly invigorating.

Jon Worley

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