The legislative beat

When you google "Diego Bernal," you get lots of hits about a Texas state rep from San Antonio. Try "Diego Bernal music" and you get this Diego Bernal's Bandcamp page. And this Diego Bernal is also from San Antonio. And is also a representative in the Texas legislature.

Diego Bernal

Yes, they are the same guy. And I'm feeling a bit on the strings while listening to this set. Bernal is a beatmaster who throws plenty of ideas into his hip-hop stew. There are the sounds of southern Texas (Tejano, slide guitar and more), a few Caribbean rhythms and the omnipresent mid-tempo insistence of mid-90s west coast hip-hop.

The tracks are instrumental, but they speak volumes. Bernal is a master at the sly, slinky groove, and the layers he adds bring moments of wonder, joy and bewilderment. Oh, and plenty of whimsy. There's a track titled "I Met Prince Paul!". And it sounds exactly like what you imagine such a conversation might sound.

The perfect party platter for my neighborhood, which is populated with activists, staffers for liberal members of Congress and journalists. I have a feeling it fits in well in many other places as well. Easily the best 2017 musical release from an elected official. Superb.

Jon Worley

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