Sublimely scattershot

This six-piece from Newcastle Upon Tyne doesn't mind messing about a bit. I suppose this is probably best described as dense post-punk, but that doesn't really capture the precisely rendered audio chaos. There are plenty of bleepy electronics, sneered vocals, Stooge-y riffage and what sound like horns (but might be synth). My ears are pretty good, but even I can't tease everything out here.

No Teeth
Decadence in Breeding

I'm totally pleased by that. And while the sound is a big muddle, the underlying execution is almost fussy. No Teeth has worked very hard to sound like an almost-trainwreck, and all that effort has created a fabulous off-kilter sound.

In order to create a crashing sound of impending disaster, so many pieces have to sound like they're on the verge of collapse. No Teeth spins all of its plates with ease, allowing for plenty of pleasing wobbles without any crashes.

Yes, the Mekons went through the stage (a couple times) and plenty of punk bands from that era are familiar with the method. My Stooges reference is not an idle one. No Teeth throws a lot more into the hopper than most, and all of that debris is balanced in a most indelicate fashion. Wonderful noise.

Jon Worley

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