Strung tight

A Minnesota trio that swaps instruments and vocals, but more often blends them into a deft serving of gothic folk. Jill Burkes and Rob Wheeler handle the smaller stringed instruments (acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, violin, etc.) and Josh Palmi wrangles the upright bass.

Echoes in the Meadow

The occasional intrusion of electric guitar into the generally acoustic sound is striking and effective. It shifts what might be a fairly routine (if quite well-rendered) sound into something else again. Not exactly spooky, but definitely other-dimensional. A subcurrent of drama and dread pervades, and MorningBird sustains it well.

There is no gloom, however. Just a sense that something is missing in the world. Part of that is the impressive swing from wide open spaces between the instruments and the singers and tight harmonies all around, sometimes even in the same song.

This trio plays so well off of each other. These songs feel like they're sprouting out of a collective consciousness. The sound is amazing, and the songs themselves are inventive and pleasingly twisty. In a world where some like to bathe in the light, MorningBird isn't afraid to lift up a few rocks and see what lives beneath. Enthralling.

Jon Worley

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