One person's puke is another person's pâté

Are you actually confused about what might be contained within this album? C'mon, man! This is manic noise punctuated by an almost Zappa-ian approach to song structure. Yeah, it sounds like what the floor of a non-union abbatoir must look like, but there's some serious structure behind the musical gore.

Squid Pisser
Dreams of Puke
(Skin Graft)

Are there lyrics? Yes. But the shouted vocals are almost as unintelligible as the finest death metal, and with song titles like "Felching Your God" and "The Hottest Load", I don't think I'm going to look real hard for the liner notes.

But I will be playing this very loud, likely sterilizing all the camel crickets within 100 yards. Oh, and riding the adrenaline pony into the ground. Squid Pisser packs 12 songs into less than 21 action-splattered minutes. To call this a rush would be like calling a 200-foot drop on a roller coaster a pleasant breeze.

Yeah, I'm a junkie for this kind of stuff. But Squid Pisser is well ahead of the pack. There is structure behind the madness, and the playing and production are top-notch. This would be a one-time salad if it were mindless noise. Precision splatter is hard to come by, especially these days. Lovely and amazing (and, um, mindfucking).

Jon Worley

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