Slap and dash

Tero Huotari (Teksti-TV 666) and Aliisa Keranen (Bad Sauna, among others) team up with Otto Pekkola to form something of a Finnish proto-punk garage supergroup. Or, well, they got together played some short (some very short) songs and called it an album.

Kaksipäinen Koira
Paholaisen Temppeli
(All that Plazz)

The album is about as loose and unformed as that description. There's a vague reverb haze hanging over most of this and many of these songs consist of one groove played once before dissipating. To refer to this as anything approaching a finished product would be absurd. On the other hand, the totally anarchic songwriting and playing is pretty much perfect as it is.

Do these songs make sense? Within the context, sure. This truly does sound like a set of pre-demos, stuff where someone said "Turn on the recorder" and jotted down a few ideas. The idea of a musical notebook dump as an album is pretty wild, but that's what this sounds like.

Unformed and occasionally unhinged, the hooks here are undeniable. It's easy to call this music; it sounds great. Songs? There are a couple. But as a window on creativity as it happens, this set is a fun document. It's hard to get more punk than this. Blisteringly fun.

Jon Worley

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