The ambient wired

Most ambient artists do not build their pieces around a guitar. Erik Wøllo builds the base of his songs with various electronic loops, but the core of each piece is a conversation between guitars (or guitar and synthesizer). In that way, this might be just a bit too "busy" for the average ambient fan.

Erik Wøllo
Crossing the Equator

But the contemplative nature of these pieces makes me say no. Even when whirling, there is always a conscious thought present. Perhaps people think of this area of electronic music as abstract, but I think that's selling it short. There are a wide range sounds in the ambient, and Wøllo is adventurous enough to find many of them.

The sound is warm. Even the guitars are rounded and often resemble synths. Not MIDI round, but definitely with smooth edges. Wøllo doesn't create worlds so much as wander through them. This very discrete way of constructing his pieces lends them a shape, one that is often terrifically beautiful.

Sure, this slots in the ambient, but fans of more existential guitar players (Bert Lams, say) should find something in here as well. Wøllo isn't a showy player, but he expresses his ideas exceptionally well. This might well reorder your mind.

Jon Worley

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