Something in Norwegian

Apparently this is something of a militaristic screed, though I'm not remotely fluent in Norwegian (nor something apparently called the Kav Finnmark dialect, though I'm getting all that from a double translation, so I could be miles off in my understanding). Take that as you like. The origins of the band come from members who met in the Home Guard (something like the U.S. National Guard, I believe) and share an affinity for Metallica. And then they decided to play together.

(Rob Mules)

Combining elements of thrash, doom and punk (the latter is clearest in the tight arrangements and short songs), Bailltak churns out awesome riff after awesome riff and even the occasional ripping guitar solo. There are some modern metal elements, but generally this probably fits somewhere in the Peace Sells . . . universe.

As such, this is a total anomaly today. There are no black metal elements and the only possible death metal references are those taken from this late 80s proto-thrash style. Interestingly, I don't hear a lot of Metallica. These are compact pieces that make a mark and exit promptly.

This is obviously right in the wheelhouse of an 80s metal guy like me. Bailltak combine the old influences in modern and interesting ways, but in the end this is a descendent of the old school. And quite the progeny it is. Like a lumberjack laying waste to a tree, these are short, brutal whacks that do the job perfectly. Time to exercise your neck.

Jon Worley

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