Last trip to the alley

Another "last" album from the London punk stalwarts. While Forever wasn't billed as a final effort, that seemed its destiny. But Covid inspired the boys get together one last time, and they've cut another set of tight bashers.

Cock Sparrer
Hand on Heart
(Pirates Press)

The production is similarly rigorous, bringing focus to the band's solid playing. This might well be the most professional production job on a Cock Sparrer album, which makes listening that much more fun.

Yes, this is more of the same. Cock Sparrer has always been a pub punk band, belting out tuneful songs with raggedy style. Nothing's changed, which in itself is kinda stunning.

Funny thing about these farewell efforts. Sometimes they go so well that the band is inspired to make another full go of things. Cock Sparrer has never been much of a commercial concern, but few bands have made punk this aggressive and hummable. Yeah, it's an old-school Brit thing. That's Cock Sparrer. And if this is indeed goodbye, it's a wonderful good night kiss.

Jon Worley

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