Augmented slink

From tango to . . . ? Tangomotán starts by stating (more or less) traditional tango, and then spins off into the electrosphere. No matter the metier, the music never stops moving.


People of a certain age might recall the Hooked on Classics series, where famous classical pieces were bumped up with disco beats. This is not that. Tangomotán does add non-traditional instrumentation and sound, but these are all tangos. In fact, the electronic components are more experimental than the tango elements.

Which is another way to say that these are slinky, seductive pieces that tickle the mind as well as the body. The added elements stay in their place, augmenting the tango. Everything is just a bit . . . moreso.

This is one of the easiest albums I've had to describe. What is much more difficult is to impress just how quickly these pieces latch on to the pleasure centers of the brain. After a few minutes, my brain was on fire in many places. An inventive and infernally addictive set.

Jon Worley

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