Matthias Springer records under a number of different names (including his own) and utilizes a wide array of electronic styles. This set is a reimagining of Dimbidub songs from a decade or so ago. He has, in effect, drowned them, hit record and played them back.

Vintage Tapes Recovery
(Diametral-MFSound Media)

The old WordSound label put out a few albums like this back around 2000. The original sharp techno beats have been flooded and burble out into full muddled fuzziness. The melodies are distorted and run through the reverb machine a few times.

The sound is at once very clean and also full of mud. That is, the precision of the production is astonishing, and it has done an amazing job of clouding up chilly techno grooves until they sound like something organic emerging from the ooze.

A fair question might be "Why", but the answer is obvious. This sounds so cool. It's not a simple conversion of techno tracks to a dub style, but rather an entire recasting of the ideas behind the songs themselves. A wonderfully ambitious project, one that is almost too addictive.

Jon Worley

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