Electric chill

Not jazz per se, but rather an eclectic take on chill-down lounge and Ennio Morricone-style film scores played by a band heavy into jazz instrumentation and influence. The first song is titled "Trentin Quarantino." That's pretty much exactly where these songs sit. Cool, all-enveloping and occasionally transcendentally psychedelic.

Exploding Pig
Jazz Futura
(Planet Arts Recordings)

The point here is to fall into the vibe and then allow consciousness to melt away. Overthinking would be a huge mistake. Just let the horns loosen up the frontal lobes and see where your lizard brain takes you.

Oh, and it can get funky. This is not jazz, but it is jazz adjacent. Mostly, though, I'm mainlining the lead trombone. There's something about that mellow sound going all slinky that is terribly exciting. And there I go, breaking my own rule and overthinking.

Fun. And that's all. These pieces are well-lubricated and ready to roll. Exploding Pig assembles its sound from a wide variety of influences, but each song is simple and tied to an infectious groove. Find your best easy chair and let go. Exploding Pig will take care of all your needs.

Jon Worley

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