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Suzanne Jarvie is yet another lawyer-turned-songwriter (I've written about few lately). Her story is longer, more complicated and much more interesting than that, but she covered a lot of those bases on her excellent first album, Spiral Road. Now, with four more years of writing and performing under her belt, she's back with a new set.

Suzanne Jarvie
In the Clear

Her weather-worn yet supple voice still reminds me of Nanci Griffith, but musically she's more in tune with the folk and blues side of americana. I think Jarvie's music is much stronger on this outing, and it still serves as a wonderful setting for her striking voice.

Every music lover has a few artists and album that strike right to their soul. I am so completely in tune with Jarvie that I don't think I can offer a truly objective opinion. As with Emmylou Harris (another obvious influence), the sound of Jarvie's voice is an instant balm on my soul.

When this arrived in my mail slot, I couldn't wait to get a taste. After a couple weeks of repeated listens, my thirst has not been slaked. Jarvie deserves much more success than she's likely to find, but those who find her will be amply rewarded. Spellbinding.

Jon Worley

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