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The sound of collapse

Darchon is a Greek guy, and "Oionos" is Greek for "Omen". The pieces here are lengthy (three of the four tracks clock in at 13+ minutes) excursions into atmospheric black metal. They're lo-fi noise symphonies, complete with washes of buzzsaw guitars, keyboards and incomprehensible vocals. If that's not your thing . . . why the hell not?

(Mercenary Musik)

Okay, I get it. You prefer melody and something resembling rhythm. Interminable drones are just that to your ears. And really, who wants to listen to music that sterilizes cockroaches at 50 yards?

Me, I guess. I found these tracks hypnotic, and I found it easy to slip into this world of wonder and terror. The sonic effect here is mesmerizing. Oionos is the extreme of the extreme, and in so being has wormed its way squarely into the realms of accessibility.

Lovely is not the word, and neither is beautiful, though both apply at times. Wonderful does fit, in all of its meanings, as does amazing. I suppose it didn't take a genius to surf excess the way Darchon does, but I'm unconcerned about that. The results are spectacular, even if most people will look for the nearest HazMat suit when this comes on. That's cool. All the more for me.