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Rumble jumble

Ezza Rose has been doing the Portland thing for quite a while, generally sticking to the acoustic and even bluegrass side of life. So the first couple of songs on this set are quite the departure.

Ezza Rose
No Means No

The title track, in particular, is a spectacular new wave raver blistered with punk edges. And then after that, Rose starts to wander. Which is to say that she heads back into her old haunts, but with armed with electric guitars. Not at all unlike Aimee Mann, to be honest.

A little country and a little poppy, served up with a jazz chaser. Rose doesn't stand still, and that restless energy keeps this album startlingly engaging. Rose's songwriting is uncluttered, and her arrangements correctly feature her sharp-edged voice.

This album is never what it seems to be, and I like that. There's a sense of mystery, even after the smoke clears. Perhaps Rose is starting to truly find out where she should hang her voice. In any case, this set does her justice.