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Yes, this Chicago three-piece is old school. The album is available primarily as a download . . . and a cassette. The CD is "limited edition."

Life Is Twigs
(Midwest Action)

Taking three songs from its recent EP of the same name, Protovulcan expands those ideas into its third album. Sounding not a bit unlike Trans Am playing Brainiac songs, these are retro nuevo post-whatever slices of joy. Distorted elektro surf? Sure. Keyboard-laden post-metal? At times. Wonky post math with a fuzz chaser? You bet.

So. Rock and roll. Played with intelligence and fire. Best appreciated loud. Overwhelmingly awesome.

Just as amazing as the EP, except more. Protovulcan is one of those bands that hits the sweet spots of my youth. I really can't be objective about a band this kinetic and dissonant. I am a child of the Touch and Go school, and I think these boys just might be grandchildren of the same institution. For me, pure bliss. I will follow this anywhere.