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Northern water

Id Guinness has traveled the Canadian pop/rock scene for quite a while. He's currently in Vancouver-based Red Herring, and he's bounced around many other bands over the years. His solo career has been fitful, but perhaps all that prelude is what led to this wonderment.

Id Guinness
Lost Language
(Rapid Tranformation Music)

I have not heard his earlier two albums (from 2007 and 2010), and they're not easily accessible (as in, I can't figure out how to get them at all). So I don't know how much of a change this effort might be. But Guinness takes the stereotypically Canadian pop eclectic approach to the meandering (and occasionally twee) pop of American acts like the Shins and Pinback (or Rob Crow, generally).

So the songs have amazing hooks and seem to attack from all directions. Guinness seems to know exactly where he's going, but he's willing to let his songs stray a bit. Then the piece settles in, the song locks onto its target and BAM! Or something like that.

A most assured and sprightly effort. Guinness hasn't just been spinning his wheels. Add his voice to the pantheon of exceptional Canadian popsters. Enjoyment is guaranteed.